Stock Dogs and LGD's

Since we use stock dogs a great deal we need the guardian dogs to be aware of those dogs who will be working with us. When a new dog comes on the scene at our place we always make sure there are introductions with the guardian dogs.

The difference in age between these youngsters is only five months
The goal is for the dogs to become familiar with each other but not to hang out so much that they bond and play. Since our guardians are always on pasture and/or outside of the yard there is no common hang out area for regular interaction (which we like - otherwise we'd have to monitor dogs while they shared a yard). For there to be any greetings we have to take the stock dogs to the guardian dogs.

In the day to day routine when we take a stock dog out to gather the flock there is often a brief greeting between the herding dog and one or more of the guardian dogs before releasing the stock dogs. With this over, the guardians take up a place and prepare to come with the flock.

The only guardian dog who causes more of an interruption is our eldest female, Willow.  She is also the dog who was over socialized with dogs to begin with. She works alone a lot, and enjoys the stock dogs when she sees them.