Night Pen Set Up

We utilize different areas for night penning to prevent the sheep from overusing any one area. Even though they are only stationed for the night, the space can quickly become worn and messy. Sheep also like to bed in routine spots. So while the night pen might be ten acres or more in size, they will bed in one area repeatedly until we block that area off.

Today we set up a new night pen area. We set up a few rolls of electranet and put up two portable wind breaks as there is no natural shelter in this spot. We spread  some old hay bales for a layer of bedding. This will serve until the flock is onto bale grazing. At that time they’ll be in yet another area and make their own bedding as they go.

Our recent winter snap has turned around. The temperature changed over 20 degrees in a twenty four hour period and we are now enjoying temperatures just below zero. After near minus 30 temperatures this feels like short pants weather.

I think the ewes might agree.