New Tool For Feeding

Chore days on my own just became a little easier thanks to one rather remarkable individual.

Allen never ceases to amaze me with his understanding of the workings of anything mechanical or structural, coupled with the talents to build them. I have little understanding of how his mind sorts such things out but I’m grateful that I get to see his mind create and his hands go to work.

This week, among other building tasks, he decided to weld a simple round bale un-roller for use behind the Ranger.

We tried it out yesterday and after a little modification it was ready to go again today. While some forking will still be required this should cut the physical labour in half.  I'm very pleased with this!

Notice there are no sheep coming to eat the newly unrolled feed. That’s because they’ve gone off grazing, which most of them do as a first choice.

And then there are always some individuals who prefer to eat at their own bale, no matter how easy we make it for them otherwise.


  1. Very cool! really looking forward to seeing your setup!

    We are currently unrolling bales for the goats, I haven't tried the bale grazing as such yet. Before I had their new paddock fenced, we would unroll 1x a week and they clean up pretty good. Now they have grass in their new paddock and the bale lies forgotten...

  2. Our set up is pretty minimal but we're more than happy to share it.

    The sheep are pseudo bale grazing since there are bales all over the pasture where they graze. We like to unroll bales as much as we can. Each year it gets more challenging though because as the flock grows in numbers, more feed is required. Without equipment to move bales it's now a lot of physical work just to feed in one day.


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