A couple days ago I couldn’t get a bale unrolled for the sheep. Today I forked and unrolled two of them. Funny what a little cold weather incentive will do.

The temperature was minus 31 celsius this morning.  A slight wind took us closer to minus forty with wind chill factor. I still moved the flock out to pasture but with the bitter cold decided to open up a bale. By the time I forked half of the first bale I was plenty warm. With half of the bale forked out I could manage to maneuver and roll the remainder along a well used sheep trail. Sheep began to line up along the bale trail for the easy feed.

I did a second bale, figured two bales was enough and walked home. Later in the day the sun shone bright and the wind left. The majority of the flock left the bales and were out grazing. 

Weather this cold is usually reserved for January and February. November and December are two months of progressively colder weather that allow us and the animals to adjust. Moving this quickly to such cold is a bit of a shock.

Indoors however, I adjusted pretty quickly; here’s my latest work in progress.


  1. Hey Jerry,

    Thanks for the comment. I just finished up with this piece today.

    I see you introduced Jill on your blog - and both her ears are up... I'm jealous. Only one up on my little guy.


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