Kelpie Progress

I gave up training with Cajun awhile ago and almost gave up with him entirely such was my continuing frustration, but I have been letting him slip back into the routine work now and again. Real work suits us much better than training does.

For the last few days Cajun has accompanied me out on pasture in the evenings to gather the flock.

Last evening while out on pasture I sent him on a long gather, taking a chance that he might not be ready for the distance and knowing I’d have to give up what happened at the top. It was a nice set up because the easy and obvious route was down a hill and around a large slough, which helped him go wide enough. It took three tries to convince him to go however. The sheep are very hard to see in the brown grass and snow landscape and he’s used to them being much closer. So he didn’t see them before being sent. On the third send he committed and as he traveled back uphill, he spied the sheep, still a long distance away. He dipped out of my sight due to the landscape but reappeared falling in behind the group momentarily. My heart soared to see him do an outrun like that.

When the sheep came downhill and through a draw he felt he was losing them and flanked way too far over, coming around until he caught the eye of the lead sheep and stopped their movement. He’s a control freak that way. Trouble is, so am I, so we’ve always struggled over this. He and the sheep were still so far away from me so I felt my influence was very little. I told him to get back around and just like that, he did! From that point on he kept behind his sheep and brought them the whole way to me.

Such a seemingly simple piece of work that I know is not, especially from the point of struggle he and I are coming from. I was overjoyed to see it.


  1. Hey, thanks Jerry. Certainly was a joyous moment to see him work again.


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