Feeding Dogs

I like feeding a raw diet to the dogs and I did so for years before I moved to the farm. Ironically it was after we transitioned from crop farming to livestock that I gave up feeding raw because it was too costly and too difficult to find a supply.

I’m able to supplement their diets with raw food and bones as we butcher animals for the dogs on occasion but butchering regularly for several guardian dogs is not something I can keep up with or want to be doing. If you have ever butchered a large animal, you know that it takes time. I just don’t wish to spend my time being a butcher and meat cutter. And affording commercial raw product is not an option right now.

This fall I came up with a plan. We sold cull ewes direct to a raw dog food company and took partial payment in raw meat product. Then there is an older cull cow over at the in-laws that belongs to Allen and I (I believe it’s our last remaining cow from days when we farmed with them).  That cow will be slaughtered tomorrow - for dog food - and I’m paying someone else to do the work.

So this week well over a thousand pounds of meat will be collected or on its way. This should do us for a few months and maybe by then I can wrangle up another plan.