Willow Greets The Rams

I cut the dogging sheep down to twelve animals, letting the really dogged ones rejoin the flock and keeping only light ones for work with the stock dogs.

The rams and wethers were moved over to another field to keep them well away from the ewes. Since the dogging sheep are in a more securely fenced paddock I moved Willow out with the rams. This gives her more work to do, which she needs.

The boys have been with the horses all summer long, and the cows have been with them for the last month, but no dog has been with them for a long time. The rams are very flighty since they get handled so little. 

I had to convince Willow to ride on the Ranger so we could drive around to find them as walking to find them in the large field would take far too long. She complied and when we finally came in sight of the rams she seemed to understand why I brought her out and was eager to get off.  She went right toward them.

I thought she might startle them away but I need not have worried. This is her approach.

She ambles in, sideways to the group, body soft

Lies down and licks her lips
You can't see it in the above re-sized photo, but her tongue is out as she licks her lips.

One ram approaches and Willow extends her nose to greet
During the whole greeting Willow never gets to her feet but remains lying down.
She turns her head and lets the rams sniff

More sniffing and investigating

She greets another ram

All is well here