Simple Accomplishments

My first ever attempt at drawing with wool. The proportions are not quite spot on, the details need help, the background not quite the right choice for the subject.

It makes me smile.

Several months ago I came across the fibre art form of needle felting. I felt as though I had stumbled across a long awaited art medium. I knew right away I would have to try it. It seemed that a better fit couldn’t be found. A nature loving sheep rancher and wanna be artist, drawing working dogs and sheep with the very natural fibre that wool sheep produce.

Instantly, I had all kinds of future art images dancing in my head.

And then I put them aside. Such as often happens with things that taste too new.

Yet I couldn’t leave it alone. I returned and took the first and most challenging leap.

From there, I made a few attempts at something I knew nothing about. I struggled with having to  let go of details. I gave up part way.  I returned.

And this is the result. It makes me smile inside and out.


  1. Hurray! Isn't that a wonderful feeling to finally just Do It? Achieving such excellent results is the icing on the cake. Needlefelting is such a flexible craft. It will take you anywhere you wish. Enjoy!

  2. Hello, Hello,

    You know, I visit your blog often and I admire and examine Linda's needle felting work just hoping, somehow, to absorb some of the artistic flare and fine detail she captures with the wool. Amazing and inspiring. It shows what is possible. Thank you.

  3. Yes, Linda has a real gift and a fine eye. She also enjoys teaching and encouraging people to explore the medium. Maybe we can swap a needlefelting class for some herding tips someday!

  4. Oh, that would be great! Yes, perhaps someday we can make that work.


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