Nature's Calm

It was gloriously calm this morning during my AM walk with the dogs.

Everything so still, not even the feather light, paint brush leaves of a few stray foxtail plants in the ditch were moving. The far off cry of migrating geese, the occasional bark of a distant guardian dog, heard crystal clear. The crunch of our footsteps on the road punctuating the morning and announcing our passing, loud and clear, to all things listening.

The wind picked up not too long after and blew strong and heady all day. By evening though, the calm returned and the place settled into a beautiful stillness again. Like the wind brought back what it blew out.

Ironically it is the calm, not the storm, which causes me to feel a decided sense of smallness in this vast, dynamic place.

It seems extraordinary to me, how the dynamic, communal force of Mother Nature can be so still and in that very stillness be exceptionally dynamic.