Little Mound of Green

Look at this amazingly green mound amongst the sea of brown.

This is a small mound of dirt and rock the lambs loved to climb on when they were in this pasture. It hardly looks worth the climb but they sure liked this mound. And now look at it. Brilliant green in October. I think some animal impact is at work or that mound has extra good dirt or rock mineral beneath it.

If we could do the same with the rest of our pasture pieces we’d be getting somewhere with our grazing management. For that to happen we need either a lot more sheep or smaller paddocks to realize the same effect. I’m game for a lot more sheep because I don’t relish doing that much more fencing. There are times when I feel this place is just too damn big - fencing is one of them.

Here’s another photo; this one was taken back in August.

This is one of the paddocks we used as a night pen last fall, and we did some winter feeding here as well. The dogging sheep have been hanging out here most of the summer so they have the grass mowed down pretty hard. You can see the darker green grass along the back and the strip running along the right side. This is where bales were placed and rolled out, therefore is where animals congregated to eat; stepping with hooves and depositing urine and manure in the process.

There is merit to grazing management if one can do it. Noticing these little occurrences, fuels my desire to see what this land can really do with the help of a few ruminants.