Feeling Uncertainty

The sorted ram lambs are being held in a smaller paddock by the yard for a few days while we wait for arrangements on a truck to haul them next week.

After sorting them, there was bleating all around for the first afternoon and the next morning. Then everyone settled and it was quiet. The ewes went off to graze, far less concerned than their lambs were. The ewe lambs have it pretty good because they stay with the flock until breeding time approaches.

I’ve been frittering about trying to distract myself from thinking too hard about working dogs, Cajun in particular. I refilled the water bus and topped up mineral for the four groups of sheep we have at the moment, and checked on the cows and visited the horses. Then I made some phone calls and did some paperwork. Two applications to the Farm Stewardship Program are filled out. We buy our dog food wholesale so I made a trip to pick the latest order up.

Finally I did take Cajun out to work on a handful of sheep. He’s certainly still keen but definitely nervous. Lots of tension and gripping showing up and reluctance to move forward and make animals move. I think I’m going to have to go back to the very basics and re-build. I’m not sure I’m up to that, but I do think he deserves it. Or at least I’m not quite ready to give up on him yet. Maybe a break from work for the both of us is in order, while I sort out how to help this dog.


  1. I think you are thinking in the right direction. Maybe just do some easy round pen work. No pressure. If he doesn't want to work at all, tie him to the fence while you work someone else. Patience.

  2. Jenny, thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated. Yes, patience will be needed and lots of easy work. You know, the hardest thing is getting over my own self and the mistakes made with the dog. But as Louanne said... chin up. I will learn from it.


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