Cooking Up Liver

When I only had a few dogs, I fed them a raw diet, yet ironically, since moving to the farm, I no longer do so.  How is that???

I’d still prefer to feed an entire raw diet but now I don’t have the time to butcher enough animals for several large dogs. I’d be butchering every second or third day.  Buying commercial raw food is too expensive.  So I settle with supplementing their diet of kibble by feeding raw meat and bones whenever I can.

There is one thing I seem to have an abundance of though. And that is, beef liver. Every time my father in law butchers, he saves the organ meat. This equates to a lot of beef livers stockpiled in my freezer, that I need to do something with because I don’t like feeding the dogs too much raw liver.

So liver treats it is. One ice cream pail of liver, some flour, corn meal or oats, plus some added kelp and alfalfa powder, cooks up into four very full ziploc bags of liver treats. I have several pails of frozen liver so it looks like I’ll be making a lot of liver treats this winter!

Taste Tester!