Without Them This Life Wouldn't Be So Grand

Now and again I catch myself downplaying the work me and my dogs do, thinking it’s just farm work, nothing fancy here - and there honestly isn’t. I read the blogs of people who trial and often find myself making comparisons to the trialing world and well, we sure aren’t doing that.

Then for some unknown reason I take notice of regular days like today and my perspective shifts again. 

Today began early and with Cajun doing an outrun down the driveway to push a wayward ditch-grazing lamb back through the fence and with the flock where he belonged.

Shortly after this Cajun turned and pushed back a long line of ewes and lambs who followed the water bus in early anticipation of a move to new grass.

Late in the morning I asked for his help to collect and move a couple hundred ewes and lambs from their shady resting spot to make sure they joined the rest of the flock, now moving to a new paddock.

In the afternoon he got to hang out and be a dog.

In the evening he gathered four yearling ewe lambs from one side of the fence while Jayde (working on her own) gathered the rest of the group on the other side, to rejoin them together. Then we moved the complete group to a newly opened gate and out to pasture.

Today all the same old, ordinary pieces fell into place once again and the dogs worked seamlessly. Only this day, I realized that trial dog or no trial dog, without them, this lifestyle wouldn’t be so grand.