Last Event of the Season

Tomorrow I’m hosting a herding instinct test for a small group of people. It’s the last event for the season.

There were so many good moments packed into this summer of stock dogs and so many encouraging people.

I experienced a good number of revelations and great strides with my dogs this year and I want that to continue as long as it can. The continuation is often easier when it can be shared with others.

Because Allen works away, I spend half the time alone here on the ranch. That’s a lot of time to one’s self. Hosting events and having people come out for herding is a social element I’m dearly in need of in my life.

Without regular infusions of herding with other people continuing to work my own dogs eventually becomes a motivational struggle. I’ve given up making promises to myself that this time it will be different.

But I’m jumping the gun. There is still a whole fall season in front of me. Fall is often the perfect time for working dogs. The workload slows, the weather cools and a relaxed patience seems to weave it’s way back into the fabric of life on the ranch. It’s a good time to enjoy living and working dogs.