Surrounding Harvest

Harvest is in full swing all around us. There are swathers and combines almost every direction you look, more truck traffic on the roads and dust in the air.

I’m so glad I’m a grass farmer.

I do not miss crop farming at all, which feels odd to say since I grew up on a livestock forbidden, Saskatchewan grain farm, fully immersed in harvest, year after year. My parents land was too good to run cows on. As a teenager I did swathing, harrowing and trucking grain.

I keep expecting some nostalgic, childhood, grain farming memory to seep in and lure me back to my harvest roots. But it doesn’t happen.  And in a tiny way I feel like a traitor to my childhood.

Yet I watch the farming hustle around me and I am glad not to be a part of this aspect of Saskatchewan agriculture.

I have no doubt that I’m happier with sheep and dogs than I am with equipment and harvest rush.