Stock Dog Momentum and LGD's

I’m continuing with the momentum of working dogs and heading off to another stock dog clinic that I was able to get into last minute. It’s been a dream-like month, with all this working stock dog stuff happening.

Out on pasture with the LGD’s though, there has been a couple of bobbles.

There was a serious fight and while we can speculate on what it may have been about, we’ll never know.

Lucas came out on the loosing end. After a trip to the vet’s he’s now up near the yard with Willow, recovering from a few deep puncture wounds. He’ll be just fine and he will return to the pack once he’s fully recovered. Glory has a slash on her ear.  Every one else is unscathed.

The second bobble is that Whiskey and Diesel have added to the packs dislike of the cows. This was a mistake on our part - 100%. The adult dogs were being very decent with the cows thus far, with the two recently acquired adults (Lady and Lucas) only occasionally barking at them (and being corrected for that).

We only have a handful of cattle and Whiskey and Diesel were not exposed to them early on. I had hopes that they would become accepting of the cows once on pasture since they are still quite young.

The opposite happened. They seem to have encouraged Lucas and Lady to further their dislike of cows and last week I saw the whole group of dogs charge the cows. And sure enough the cows began to show up on the wrong side of the fence.

For now, the cows have been moved out and are on the same pasture as the rams and the horses. When we have time to manage it we’ll try re-introductions and training a few dogs to respect bovines.