Self Article

I was asked to write an article describing our operation for an agriculture publication that is not published where I live!

There is always a little thrill that comes with being asked to share what you do. And then comes the tricky part of being the doer and presenting what you do via the written word... in a manner that sounds appealing while trying not to come across as elitist.

Indeed, it’s a dicey thing to write about your own operation. It’s easier for me to share via blog posts because I’m sharing me. I can do so a bit of every day and thus build a story of who we are over time.

In an article summarizing your ranch or farm, your bias toward your method of farming will obviously shine through, as it should I suppose. I mean, that’s kind of why you’re being asked to share. Yet it’s tricky to write and not sound superior about it.

Natural, grass ranching works for us. But I do feel that the world is far too diverse for there to be only one way to do something.  Feeling the contrast of the various farming methods simply assures me of why this way works for me. Hhmm, I guess in turn, my article may just do the same for others.