LGD's and Encounters with Critters

Oakley greeted us yesterday morning looking a little off-color. He was.

Judging from the grey filth in his coat and the scratches on his face we figure he tangled with a muskrat (a large slough rat that looks like a miniature beaver). We’re not sure who won, but the muskrat sure did get a few scratches in.

The muskrat is not a nice creature to encounter. They’re not really large but they’re fierce little rodents. The dogs do kill them and the pups have already found them out and done so.

The dogs encounter various critters on the job including skunks, muskrats, porcupine, badgers, ravens, crows, deer and coyote. They hunt for mice and vole regularly.

Even though we were thinking a muskrat was the culprit of Oakley’s minor wounds we went in search of all the other dogs just to make sure that it was not another dog fight. Every one else is clean and unscathed. Today Oakley is already looking cleaner and well recovered from his little incident, although I suspect he'll return to muskrat hunting with a personal vengeance.