It's All Good Until It Isn't

A short burst of cold moved in and resulted in our first hard frost. This definitely shortened our growing season this year. It was only in May that we had our last frost of the spring.

Our daylight hours are also shortening. I love the fall season although the shorter days always take me the longest time to get used to. Each evening I find myself barely finishing chores before it gets dark out. I refilled the water bus this evening and returned to the yard in the dark, yet it felt like I should have at least an hour left to work the dogs. Not so.

So I was glad I had worked the dogs earlier in the day, although it didn’t go so well. All of us ended up frustrated. I am often perplexed at how working dogs can go so smoothly and then just doesn’t. How making it too technical gets in the way of making it flow.

The frustration carried over into the evening when I enlisted Cajun’s help in attempting to catch a thin ewe.  Ewes on pasture are often more worried about us than they are the dogs. The ewe had her lamb with her, which is the only thing Cajun seemed to focus on. Each time I tried to get close enough to catch her, the ewe and lamb broke away.  Thin or not the ewe had enough energy to evade us. Cajun repeatedly covered them but finally lost patience and went for the lamb, gripped and cut her face.

Cajun and I seem to work like that, all smooth and lovely most of the time, and then it goes south, and when it does it’s usually ugly. Then I expend far too much energy incessantly pondering how many ways I mis-read the myriad of situations that happened out there. This gets me no-where but my mind insists on trying to solve it before next time.