Full Mornings Work

We brought the flock to the yard today so that we could weigh the lambs and find out what we have. With this information we can prepare for upcoming fall sales.

With our medium sized crossbred ewes our lambs are smaller than previous crossbred lambs we’ve run in the past. Our average weight was 85 pounds. We’re still happy with that for a June lambing and coming right off pasture.

Even though all we were doing was weighing lambs there was seven hundred animals to deal with so it took all morning.

Cajun helped collect pockets of animals on pasture, bringing them all together, and with pushing the flock in to the shearing shed. He did a couple really nice gathers, even despite the tall grass.

He did the first half of the mornings work keeping the flock collected and moving toward the race. It was a long morning though and I put Jayde in to join him about half way through. Jayde was certainly more than pleased and she benefits from having large flock work to do.

I was hoping to get Cajun working along the outside of the race, learning how to cause forward movement, but the way things were moving I didn’t have a lot of time to work with him up there. Nor did I have a lot of moments to take pictures. I did manage a couple short videos though.

There was some really great moments of stock work exhibited by the dogs and yet, crazily enough, I got hung up on the not so great ones. That is, until I sat down to write this post and I thought ‘wow, two dogs just helped us accomplish a very full mornings work on seven hundred animals.’ Working this many animals was a first for all of us.

Holding the last couple hundred animals