Guardian Pups First Half Day on Pasture

With an empty and sunny afternoon in front of me I elected to take Whiskey and Diesel out to pasture.

I loaded them on the Ranger and away we went. I took the camera and my sketch book along.  For the first hour I followed the pups around on foot and with the camera. They travel in a loop and we end up back near the Ranger again.

The following is a photo summary from the afternoon.  Warning - lots of pictures and I can't figure out how to lay them side by side in Blogger, even when made a smaller size. 

One interesting occurrence was the reaction of the sheep to the pups. It was different than when they met the adults. The sheep move away from the pups, they become curious but keep their distance. I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that these are puppies or due to the fact that these two are fawn in color with dark faces which my flock has not encountered before.

Pups are dropped off at first group of sheep

Meeting Oakley (again)

Stopping to cool off in a slough

Whiskey follows a sheep trail

Meeting Lady (again)

Near second group of sheep

Crowd of curious onlookers

Discovering PJ, the llama

And realizing she's for real

Meeting Lucas (again)
 They did meet Glory, however those photos were too blurry.

Traveling with Oakley and the flock

Whiskey following the flock

Whiskey being followed

Diesel sits down to rest

They meet the cows (first time)

Contemplating the future job perhaps

I sketch while I wait and watch

Diesel comes over to see what's up

After we're back at the Ranger I take a seat to watch for awhile.  Whiskey saunters off toward the sheep and other dogs. Diesel hangs around the Ranger. Shortly after the last picture both pups fell sound asleep nearby.

I remained and did some drawing until close to supper time and then I drove away. Neither pup followed. I returned after supper, retrieved the pups and took them back home to spend the night with Willow and the yearlings.


  1. I noticed that my sheep don't like the young dogs either. I think it's that they are too active. It seems to take over a year before the dogs learn to smoothly walk up to the sheep instead of all their puppy like movement.

  2. I was wondering about that too. The pups are not as smooth in movement or energy. No doubt the sheep read that.


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