Camp Prep

The last couple days have been busy with preparations for sheep camp.

Cleaning the shop so it may be used as a classroom and meal area. Cutting grass. Checking gates and fences. Moving panels, setting up extra pens. Finding panels for trial obstacles, organizing water for the dogs and sheep and cooking meals (ugh) ahead of time.

Camp prep also includes early morning work for the dogs on the sheep. Since the clinic last week I have a new found sense of progress with both Jayde and Cajun which is carrying me along nicely. It will be great to mesh this into four days of sheep camp.

Camp preparations occur amongst the regular ranch work. We have cut some extremely tall clover ahead of the grazing flock in order that we might find the sheep. And we’re cutting and baling the last hundred acres of hay.

Cajun did some tough work out on pasture when we discovered we left behind a ewe with her lamb during today's pasture move. He saw her when riding on the Ranger, however, when on the ground the grass made it difficult for him to maintain contact with her. He was working quite far from me and did get them turned and headed back where needed.

We had to get the ewe and lamb to travel around the tip of a large wetland. Once the ewe knew where the flock was she took off catch up, at which point Cajun was determined to catch her again. We had to try a couple of times as he is very hard to convince that he should let any animal go; one of the habits we are working on. 

Busy or not, at the end of the day I am deeply appreciative of a lifestyle that affords me the opportunity to use the dogs in this everyday manner and then to host sheep camp and enjoy the impressiveness of working dogs with other enthusiasts.