This morning I decided to walk out to the pasture and take down electranetting in place of my regular morning walk. Jayde, Fynn and Cajun ran through the morning wet grass, enjoying the moment and the coolness of the morning.

By quarter past seven were we back at the house for breakfast.

Erecting or taking down electranet is an uncomplicated task so it provides a wonderful opportunity to let the mind wander while working. This morning I found myself contemplating if I appreciated this land and this life.

Do I? I like to think I do but truthfully it's not that often that I absorb gratitude on an internal level.

I know I like ranching when it goes well but I'm terribly frustrated when it doesn't. I feel at ease on the days that everything flows and nothing dies. But I feel a terrible dis-ease when anything goes astray from my expectations. And the times I feel disconnected from this land and this life, I know gratitude has been forgotten.

Blessedly, animals often realign my perspective or give it a new twist now and again and today was par for the course. Watching the dogs is partly what got me thinking this thought in the first place. And tonight I sat for a moment and watched the lambs on pasture. Nothing like lambs racing and leaping to make you feel good all over and let gratitude seep back into the soul again.