Extra Mouths to Feed

This morning I set up electranet on the next quarter on land the sheep will be moving to. Cajun, Jayde and Fynn came with and enjoyed a morning of romping around in the tall grass and swimming in the sloughs while I messed with netting.

I expect the flock will move to this new piece in the next day or two. The lambs are now eating grass and it's a bit of a guessing game as we adjust to a few hundred more animals grazing.  Suddenly the paddocks don't hold them near as long. The extra mouths will help us manage the grass though, which is now well ahead of us.

When grass gets ahead of us it goes to seed.

These photos were taken as I was driving through the grass. The blur at the bottom edge of the second photo is not an out of focus picture. It is from the seed being knocked off against the front of the Ranger. The front of the Ranger becomes coated with the dust and the seat and my lap bear a layer of seed after every ride.