Back After a Clinic

Sorry for the lull in posts. I temporarily disappeared into a world of hosting stock dog clinics.

Each time a clinic approaches I tell myself that I will make time to write blog posts during the clinic. Alas, it just doesn't happen. I'm too immersed in keeping up with regular ranch duties, which exist regardless of clinics, and the sea of activity that is involved in hosting people and dogs for a few days. I appreciate and commend every person who has ever hosted an event at their place.

It was a fabulous clinic. With the exception of two dogs, all were Australian Kelpies. The clinician was Kevin Howell from New South Wales, Australia (hence the kelpies in attendance).

The kelpie is not a common breed here so it was a treat to spend three days with a group of kelpies and see the similarities in work style yet note the individual preferences of each dog.

The amazing part of this clinic was the potential in every dog, the work ethic shown by most of the dogs and the improvement of handlers by the third day. This was evident by the fact that on the second and third day we only used two groups of sheep since they were never overworked and rarely came out of a walk.

I have two Border Collies and a Kelpie. I've never thought of myself as a breed person, believing a good working dog is a good working dog but man I'm sure in awe of the Australian Kelpie.