There are a few additions to catch you up on.

I have been keeping my eye out for working adult LGD's for some time and recently purchased a pair of adults. Working adults are few and far between since anyone who has good dogs hangs onto them tightly. These two were available because the owner sold the flock and the dogs were miserable without sheep. The dogs also needed to go together, which is just what I was looking for.

I have some great photos of Lucas and Lady Luck meeting sheep and will share them along with the introductions in another post.

The third addition arrived today. Cheerio was a give away llama who happens to like sheep. We thought why not - we have the room and PJ might appreciate the company of one of her own kind again.
Right now Cheerio is spending time near the yard with a group of ewe lambs, Willow and the pups. This presents an opportunity for the pups to get to know a llama.

Willow has experience with PJ so llamas are not new to her. She initially barks at the newcomer but settles very quickly once she checks Cheerio out a little more thoroughly. Her example helps the pups figure it out too.