Sheep, Dogs and Thunderstorms

I came home from a trip to town. The sky was dark and I knew about impending rain. I put the few purchases away then looked out the window to see a wall of water heading our way.

Crap. The pups were out in an open paddock with Willow and the ewe lambs. They had no shelter there.

I donned the rain suit, called Jayde and ran out. Moments after stepping outside, thunder cracked and the rain began.

I opened the first gate and Jayde took off across the paddock rather than waiting inside the gate as is the practice here. I let her go; it was one of those times when function was going to override correctness. 

The sheep were out of sight but Jayde has worked in this paddock often; she knew where to look. In short order the small band of ewe lambs came barreling over the hill, Jayde pushing at a good clip behind them.

She was racing and would not slow up. The saving grace was that these are heavily dogged sheep.

The ewe lambs were at the gate in no time. I needed some calmness going through the gate in order for me to keep the pups out of the way of the sheep. Jayde didn't care about that agenda though.

She was completely unwilling to stand still or hold anything. We all piled through the gate in a jumble… except for one ewe which was split off with all the rushing around.

But Jayde had followed the main bunch through and was already well ahead turning the sheep around the corner to the shed. I called her back for the single. She worked in a frantic manner, seeming not to hear or understand. Thankfully the single seemed to know where to go and she made a quick exit and bolted for the corner where she saw her buddies disappear to.

Meanwhile Allen had returned from the pasture and was ahead to open the next gate. When I rounded the corner the sheep were in.

Jayde still would not settle and ran back and forth. Allen was soaked and headed to the house while I stayed to feed dogs. It was a testament to how upset Jayde was since she left me with the sheep and followed Allen. Something we can't get her to do on any calm weather day.