A Different Morning at the Office

One hiccup of pasture lambing is it can be a real #@$^%$ to catch a ewe who needs your help.

In the same morning we have a ewe who has prolapsed and another who is unable to birth a very large lamb.

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to catch both ewes.

We pull the lamb from the ewe who is unable to birth on her own. No wonder too - the thing is monstrous - and it's dead. Since we have the ewe caught and she has no live lamb, I milk her out. Then we let her be. She moves off and hangs her head, exhausted.

The other ewe has a uterine prolapse. We disinfect everything and put it all back in, just not nearly as easy as that sounds. I'm not up to writing out all the real details.  We did get caught unprepared, as when it came to stitching her up, we discovered our needle was not up to par. We had to run over to the in-laws to get a proper suturing needle. One stitch with suture tape was enough to hold everything in. She too was one exhausted animal. Exhausted enough that she forgot she did have a lamb.