Seasonal Routines

The morning routine is far simpler right now. No more rolling and forking bales. The sheep are grazing on a quarter section that is cross fenced in half.

We do a drive around check of the flock on the night side of the pasture (where we move and set the flock for the night) and then open the gate to the day pasture. Regardless of where they are, the ewes will find their way there on their own. Show them once or twice and sheep have a remarkable ability for finding the open gate.

The cows who graze on the same pasture as the sheep have yet to make it over to the daytime side of the pasture. Although in their defense I think this has more to do with the guardian dogs insisting the cows maintain a generous distance from the flock.

We come out around 8 AM and our arrival used to get the sheep up.  Now they have already been up and had a feed by the time we arrive and the majority of them are lying down and chewing cud.

The ewes have adjusted to the increased daylight hours but the llama, maybe not so much.