Guardian Pup Update

They've only been here for a few days; not quite one week yet. So far they eat and sleep a lot. No names yet but I'm open to suggestions. Both are males.

Some interactions happening with the sheep and last night they slept outside of their house area.

Already when they first hear the dogs or I approach they rush over in a tumble, frantically puppy barking a warning the whole way. They settle as soon as they see it's me. They don't settle so quickly if I hang back and they only see the other dogs.

It's a terribly difficult thing not to plop them in my lap and gush over them, take them along for walks or let them play with the other dogs. I do regularly handle them, touching ears, tail and feet and just holding them up so they know what that is about. This is all done in very calm, quiet, no fuss, no excitement manner.

I've been teaching them not to come through the gate-way just by giving them a fast but light two finger poke in the chest and a verbal shsstt sound when they step across.

Next week we'll start leash walking and transporting them to the pasture in a crate so they become accustomed to both.  At some point in their adult lives they will need to be tied or crated. I prefer that they don't panic when that has to happen.

They're a fine pair of dogs and having to have such restraint with them increases my desire for a stock dog pup, a pup I can gush over and partner with.