Mixing Mineral

I finally got another batch of sheep mineral mixed together. I no longer use purchased livestock mineral blends, preferring instead to blend my own.

I follow the mineral lick recipe laid out in Pat Coleby's book Natural Sheep Care with a little tweaking for our flock. I greatly appreciate this book and recommend it, especially if one is inclined toward raising livestock in a natural manner.

I use a kitchen scale to measure with and I usually use an old cement mixer to blend the minerals, however the mixer remains partially buried under snow because it got left out last fall. So I had to hand mix the minerals which I did right in the tub it's stored in.

While I worked this little critter poked his head out to investigate. Weasels are great mousers so we're happy to see this little fellow. We lost one of our two cats last fall and this fellow recently showed up. Nature will always fill a void.