Let Us Show You

Dogs are amazingly intuitive and I find it incredibly satisfying to be witness to what I know exist in myself as well - when I allow it to.  These are two separate stories, which occurred this past week and only a day apart from each other. 


She was in front of me, a fair distance away. She walked steady and intently, head lowered in line with her shoulders, a purpose in her stride. A Border Collie on a mission. She wasn't in a rush but she was certainly going somewhere.

Further ahead and out of my sight over the hill, the flock was already settling in the night pen and I wanted them to remain there rather than be re-gathered by an all to willing Border Collie, who by routine, knew exactly where they were.

"Lie down."

Jayde kept walking forward.

"Jayde, lie down."

Nope, Jayde kept going.

"Hey you!" I spoke sharply and with annoyance. I began jogging up the hill to catch up before she went out of my sight.

As I crested the hill I saw the ewe. She was down. Jayde was already with her, standing and waiting. The ewe was one we had treated with antibiotics days earlier. She had been able to avoid us for some time afterward but now obviously needed our help again.


Allen headed out for the AM routine of chores. The guard dogs were not in the night pen with flock. Cursing them lightly under his breath, he continued out to pasture to roll out bales for the day.

He spied the two dogs out on the pasture. He called to them to come for food. They did not. He made his way toward them. Called again. Both dogs acknowledged him but neither was coming for breakfast.

As he neared, the female began making her way around the far side of the brush.

Allen came around the opposite way and met both dogs. Nearby was a downed ewe. She had exhausted herself trying to get to her feet after laying down, feet uphill, in a shallow ground depression. She must have been there overnight and the two dogs realized we had left one behind. 

Allen got the ewe to her feet and after being upright for a few minutes she slowly walked off.


  1. Aren't they awesome? I had an Aussie who, when I was walking back to the feed shed, kept bumping my leg (he weighed 60#). He got me off course enough that I was looking back to where I wanted to go - there was a rattlesnake sunning itself on the step...

  2. Laura that's incredible. What a fantastic dog.
    They never cease to amaze me.


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