Actual Spring

The ewes began grazing on the native prairie, the flock has been shorn, the Canada geese have returned, the earth is soft beneath my feet and my dogs are finding winter old, spring soggy, very smelly stuff to roll in every day.

Spring is here.

Sheep Grazing Native Prairie

Bedding Down First Night After Shearing

On the flat prairie the snow is gone. In the hills the last remnants of snow are quickly disappearing too. Another wet spring is expected this year.  After last years record amounts of moisture, the water table is high and the spring run off water is flowing strong - in some cases, across roads. 

Wet years come with their own set of problems for grass and livestock. Problems that we are not accustomed to dealing with on the normally dry prairies.  Already there is a lot of local talk about the upcoming growing season.

We are blessed to be nestled in the hills. The wetland areas are overflowing, yet it never appears as though we are flooding anywhere. So far there always seems to be enough high ground.