Conscious Ranching

I was pondering a few deep thoughts this morning which happens often when I am going about the chores and where land and farm are considered.

I feel a natural connection between myself and the land. A connection that arises from a deep place of conscious awareness. A knowing that Mother Nature isn't a figure that is 'out there', but rather Mother Nature is a figure-less energy in here - within me, within the land, within the animals.... As such I am Mother Nature. I am of the same energy; the air I breathe is Mother Nature. This is so for everyone but few live in awareness of it.

The awareness of it is the whole reason I feel compelled to be on the land and raise livestock in the manner that I do. Although the journey began with a love of sheep and the smell of country air the connection goes far, far deeper.

With this, another great thing will happen. As more people who live away from farms and ranches become consciously aware people, they will seek like minded people and food grown and raised with similar conscious awareness.

So the ranch connects, of its own accord, with mindful people seeking a taste of a life lived in this fashion and the food being raised. This therefore is a fascinating and timeless journey as it will have no end. 

It is a good time to be on the land. 


  1. Excellent post! Very thought-provoking!

  2. Thanks. I often get into some deep thinking when I'm alone on the land. It recharges me in a way yet sometimes I wonder if I wrote everything I really think that it might scare people off.


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