Comic Relief

And just when I need it too.

Jayde with Burnt Hot Dog Bun
Anything will do for a toy for Jayde including hot dog buns and snowballs.

I didn't give my dog that burnt hot dog bun. Some crafty canine fetched it from the burning barrel. My bets are on a little black and tan Kelpie.

Now, I do compost my food waste. However my simple, no effort compost bin is close to full. During winter compost doesn't compost too fast here.  So recently I've been tossing some of the more burn-able food in the burning barrel instead of in the compost.

On the ranch we don't have Loraas coming along to pick up our garbage. So we burn it. As we burn garbage the barrel fills with ash and another winter oddity happens. We aren't able to get around on the land to dump the ashes from the barrel. So the garbage and any remnants of it remain near the top. That's how crafty dog fetches it from the barrel.

To prevent this I do the obvious - place a cover on the barrel. However, I had recently burnt the garbage so the cover was off. For some reason the very old, discovered at the bottom of the freezer, freezer burnt hot dog buns did not burn completely before the fire died.

And that's why the little collie was playing with a burnt hot dog bun.

She left the burnt end for someone else.