Bale Piles

I guess nobody told them they weren't goats.

The little creature on top is a ewe lamb. And if I am not mistaken those are a few ewe lambs butts in the front as well.

This is what happens if we don't get twines off and get bales rolled out when they are about half eaten. The sheep keep on eating and end up with a mound of hay they can climb on top off. They cows and the llama assist by eating at the bale from the top.

We get kind of grumpy when we see this because it takes a lot of pitch forking to move the pile around. Spreading it around makes much more efficient use of the feed since then the animals can get to the bottom and clean up. 

Forking is easier when you don't have to wade through the sheep so I will either get a dog to help keep sheep at bay or tackle this bale in the morning while the ewes are still in the night paddock.