New Old Rooms

We are experiencing another bout of bitter cold. Our thermometer read minus 36* Celsius this morning. Weather station reported minus 31 and had issued a wind chill warning. It is below minus forty Celsius with the wind.

I stalled as long as I was able before going outside for chores. Herding dogs had to stay in and make do with a walk later. It was downright frigid outside. It was the kind of day you hole up inside if you can. So for the most part I did.

Allen and I did some spring cleaning yesterday. Spring cleaning in February distracts me from the fact that it isn't spring out. As a result of the cleaning I gained a room back. A room I had moved out of last year.

So this morning I was eager to organize this new, old work space. Since this work space was upstairs in the warmth of my old little farm house I puttered there as much as I could today.

I set up my little brown desk and big white art table and dropped a couple dog beds on the floor for the dogs. I'm content in my new space.

I think it's going to be one of those creative years.