Self Imposed Frustrations

"Ask yourself: is there joy, ease, and lightness in what I am doing? If there isn't then time is covering up the present moment and life is perceived as a burden or a struggle. "
Eckhart Tolle

This pretty much describes my state right now. 

I was organizing stock dog clinics and web site material today. It seems that I can fritter away hours just organizing and then getting frustrated by my lack of accomplishment elsewhere. I did get a stock dog article written which was a welcome diversion from the business expenses I still have to finish and the livestock ear tags I have to make in order to ear tag our replacement ewe lambs next week.

At least all this organizing took place indoors as it is very cold out once again. Another thing I am frustrated by. Two more months of cold winter to go and we should begin the slow warm up to spring. Then I can stop dressing like this....

The main water bowl was dry tonight. A fill with warm water hauled from the house seemed to get water flowing again. It helped that the sheep, having just come in from the pasture, were ready for a drink. When numerous animals drink the water has to flow for awhile to keep up which helps free any debris or ice build up in the line that causes the bowl to run dry.

The horses have discovered the spot where the fence is buried beneath snow and now walk into the adjoining paddock to check the extra bales there. This puts them right next to the sheep which they seem to enjoy watching. I walked them back to their original paddock last night but they were right back in the new one this afternoon.