AM Pictures

It has warmed up considerably (too much so actually) so I took the camera with me this morning to capture a few pictures of the day. 

The morning sunrise as I step out to do chores. It's another warm sunrise. Yes, to me there is such a thing as warm sunrises and cold sunrises, especially during a prairie winter. 

While out on pasture for morning chores. This is Lizzie, she often gets up on a bale to enjoy the view and watch me work. Here she is watching a small group of deer, grazing in the adjacent pasture. 

Lizzie watching me.

With morning chores complete, Cajun and I take some time to polish our teamwork by separating and working a small group of ewe lambs. With keeping larger numbers of sheep we have to separate a group any time we want to train. This is good since it gives us both a real task to start out with. I really find training is easier when there is a task at hand.


This is the first winter I have taken advantage of the shearing shed as a place to work the dogs. It is a long but narrow building, however, it works very well for close work and it is lovely to be able to get out of the wind.