Toward Natural Art

"Pull yourself together before you set yourself apart.
Make every door you walk through a living work of art.
For heaven's sake there's more at stake
Then we may every learn
More footsteps to hold onto and corners to be turned."

Song lyrics by Scott Jason with Clayton Stroope of Thriving Ivory from the album Thriving Ivory

"Make every door you walk through a living work of art..."

I'm positive Mother Nature was nudging the hand that penned these lyrics.

I struggle to see my own living work of art but then I witness moments like this and it makes me wonder about such things all over again.

Indeed I've fallen into the trap of believing I live a rather mundane ranch life feeding sheep and if I plunked my living work of art on an easel today who would ever admire it? Would I?

I've got that same deep rooted, societal belief so many of us have. That I have to do something grand and awe inspiring before my work of art is ready for display.

I'd like to do away with that belief. I'd rather see my world and myself as a living work of art. It's just damn difficult to do.

Maybe if I believed in my own natural art I would appreciate my day to day-ness that otherwise feels like it isn't working. Maybe it would help me to live right here and now like I know nature does. Maybe I would set up my easel once more only this time invite viewers to have a look. And maybe, just maybe, I would stop being concerned about what they thought.


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