Soft Pink Sunrise In January

The dogs and I headed out when there was a good tinge of soft pink on the east horizon. Enough light to see by but just before sun rise.

The snow was soft and quiet; a warmer day then. The wind was light.

The dogs walked with me out to pasture and once there ran around like dogs who have a whole day of energy to burn. That's okay as I can tend to my tasks with the bales without constant supervision of the dogs since the sheep haven't been let out yet.

By the time I was finished with the first bale I was peeling back my toque and unzipping my jacket. It was warm for January in Saskatchewan.  Lest you think it was that warm though - there are another three layers beneath the jacket (four on really cold days).

Warmth aside, it was a grand morning of simplicity and freedom, walking on pasture, being in the company of dogs and seeing a soft pink sunrise in January.