Outlook for 2011 - Sheep, Dogs and Horses

So how did we spend yesterday, the first day of 2011?

Sorting sheep since it is time for the rams to go out with the ewes.

Breeding now will mean a June 1 timeline for the start of lambing. 

Since we are not including the ewe lambs in the breeding program they needed to be seperated from the main flock before we could let the rams out.

While the rams are with the main flock the ewe lambs will park in the paddock where the rams were. This way we don't need a third feeding area.

We also let the horses out of the small training paddock and into the larger barn paddock where they have a few acres to run and stretch their legs. That is where yesterdays quick post and photo came from.

So we spent new years day together, in the company of a lot of sheep, with working dogs at our side and watching horses run. The outlook for the year is good.

Flock in Shed
Counting Breeding Ewes as They Go Out