Nothing But Routine

Today was regular and routine and I'm struggling with how to write about it. It was so usual that it feels hardly worth mentioning except that not mentioning it somehow does the day a disservice. Regular and routine are partly what makes life out here flow so I need to write something about it. 

Hhhmm. Now that I think about it, some people pay money so that they can have days that lack chaos and busyness. Maybe I'm on to something.

The only thing not usual about the day was the weather. Today was warm enough to cause me to shed one layer of clothing while doing morning work outside. I even peeled my hood back and worked for a short spurts without my mitts on.

Warmer weather in January is a beautiful reprieve for Saskatchewanites. We tend to face January with a grin and bear it attitude. The holiday season is over and we have at least two months of bitter cold to go.

The sheep didn't seem to change their routine at all today either. Not even for the warmer weather. For them life is all about finding the best spot to eat before the crowd comes, unless you're a ram, in which case, life is all about breeding.