My Cold Limit

Minus thirty on the thermometer is finally cold enough to make me grumble a bit about having to work outside for part of my living.

When temperatures hit minus 30 I don't take the herding dogs with me in the AM because they can't last as long as I need to stay out for. I'm on foot and when it's this cold, I don't relish making an extra quarter mile trip back to the house to bring dogs home when they freeze.

So the herding dogs have to make do with a brief walk when I'm through with AM chores. They do get to come out with me for PM round up which is quicker.

The sheep did not seem eager to get up to greet the day either. No ewes got up when I came out to feed the guard dogs. They were up an hour or so later when I came back to let them out to pasture but it was the cows who led the way this morning which is opposite of most mornings.

The guard dogs were slow to leave their heated comfort amongst the woollies, even for breakfast.  The ewe lambs get checked on last and even some of them were still laying down.

Indeed it's one of those days for getting cozy inside and praying all is well outside because you're not going out unless you have to.


  1. Dang - that's serious cold. The worst I had was -14, and my eyelashes were sticking to my eyelids, and fogging up my hair sticking out from under my hat.

    You learn to be clever to beat that kind of cold. Hope it warms up a little for you soon!

  2. It feels kind of bitter, yes.
    You just want to get done what you need to get done so you can go back inside.
    The cold creates a great appreciation for the warm days!


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