Lessons in the Ordinary

Before opening the gate from the night pen to let sheep out for the day, I deal with the bales first. It is far easier to manage bales without four hundred ewes pushing around to eat  (one plus to night penning).

I check for bales that are ready to tip and tip them. I remove top twines, fork any loose or packed hay to lighten the load and roll the bales out. The bales that are half eaten are the ones I am looking for. At half size they are about 600 pounds. The bottom half will be eaten so they are ready to tip and roll. It is just me and a pitchfork.

This morning, as I wrestled with bales and the herding dogs raced about, I was peppered with a number of life analogies that sprouted from my efforts and the task I was doing. Who knew there could be so many lessons had from such a routine event. Such is natures way of teaching.

1. Strength is not a matter of size. We are much stronger than we think if only we believe we can.

2. The biggest effort is getting started.

3. When you gain a little momentum go with it and keep it rolling.

4. If you get caught in a depression it's okay to sit, rest and ponder for a bit.

5. If you find yourself wallowing in your depression or getting angry, you've been sitting for too long or trying too hard.

6. Going uphill is more difficult no matter how small the load or slight the incline.

7. It really is easier to go with the downhill flow of life.

8. It's okay to cut the strings that tie you up and spread yourself out a little.

9. If life isn't unrolling smoothly you need to turn and go a different direction.

10. Sometimes all of your best efforts will go unnoticed and some days we all need the freedom to run around and be crazy.


  1. Thanks. I needed that.

    I realize that I've been stuck in #5 for awhile and I need to get off my a** and get on with it.

  2. Hey, you are welcome.

    I occasionally get stuck there myself. I find it is a tough place to move out of.

    You'll move on.

  3. I LOVE this post! I too, have spent many hours mulling over the philosophies of life as I do my chores!

  4. Sometimes the connections between chores and life just flow and sometimes I miss them altogether. The times I miss then are always my more 'off-track' times.


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