Good Knives are Valuable

Don't try this at home

When I'm doing morning chores and cutting bale twines I have a bad habit of sticking my knife into the bale - just until I need it again.  When I do need it again is when I realize that I left it there.

I've lost two knives this way. This third one is Allen's throwaway, since he refuses to let me buy another.

But actually I traded this Leatherman for a simple lock-blade pocket knife. The Leatherman is a great little multipurpose tool, good for summer, but it's inoperable with winter mitts on and at minus twenty five Celsius unfolding it to get the knife out is miserably cold on the fingers. 

So a simple pocket knife it is.

Having an appreciation for good knives is another of those country bits I did not expect before arriving here.

Good knives are valuable - because they cost a bit and because you don't want to be without one.

I understand first hand the uses of pocket knives, butcher knives and kitchen knives.

I understand about soft steel knives and hard steel knives.

There is an art to keeping an edge on a knife and keeping the edge sharp. My father in law is a master of this art. 
You can only bluff and excuse the loss of another knife for so long before having to fess up....