Back to Life - Water Bowls and Winter

It is cold and there is trouble with one of the water bowls.

The cows were my clue that something was amiss. When I opened the gate, the sheep headed out to eat with the cows trailing behind them. The cows are never as eager to get moving as the  sheep are. 

The cows headed toward the open gate but then turned away and went back across the paddock to the main gate; to the water bowls.

Water bowls are something you get into the habit of taking a look at every day. But I hadn't made it up to that end of the paddock yet. The cows walking back and hanging out there meant something was up.

Sure enough the bowl had run dry. Possibly a problem with the float and hopefully a simple one to fix.

There are two things children learn growing up in Saskatchewan winters.
1) The famous - it's not a wise idea to stick your tongue on any metal or metal looking surfaces.
2) Never allow any part of your body to get wet.

Fixing this likely meant breaking rule number two.

Warm water hauled from the house and dumped into the bowl, a jiggle of the float to unstick it (immersing hand and breaking of rule number two) and then covering the bowl with a tarp for a few hours seemed to do the trick.  The bowl is automatically refilling (and my hand is warm again).

In case you're wondering, the animals can do with eating snow for the winter and the sheep seem to take to this more readily than the cows do. Notice it wasn't the ewes who walked back to check if there was any water yet.

The preferred practice though is to get them adjusted on either snow or open water and not force them to switch from one to the other as the sole source.