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End of A Year

Breeding Plans

One of My Favorite Things

Christmas Greetings

Winter Begins

Ewe Lambs

Cats and Muskrats


Intuitive Masters


Winter Feeding On Pasture

Wholesome Days

Seamless Connections

Cows Rejoin the Flock

Kelpie Tolerance

Sheep Full Days

Kelpie Progress

Hunter or Hunted?

New Tool For Feeding

Night Pen Set Up


Old Man Winter

Stock Dogs and LGD's

Feeding Dogs

Sunday Sharing

Days Work for Working LGD's

Winter's Arrival

Sunday Sharing

Easy Moves

Unfavorable Tasks

Off The Farm for A Day

A Rare Life

LGD Gratitude

Simple Accomplishments

Nature's Calm

A Note On Cajun

Nomadic Moves