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Moving Day

This blog is moving 

While you wouldn’t know it from the sparse blog posting of late, I have been putting a lot of thought and effort into placing the art, the photos, and the writing of a blog, under one umbrella. The external driving force behind this is the increasing requests to find and view my fibre artwork and photographs online, and  not having an easy platform here to tackle that with. The internal driving force is simply my desire to have a fresh look and to honour the small voice that is saying I've outgrown the space here, it's time to move.    
Out of all this effort came a lot of computer chaos, a lot of give up and go away, and one little name that persisted. Wool, Stone & Prairie walked into my thoughts about a month ago while walking around the prairie with the dogs. It did not leave so I claimed it, and, further still, decided to do something with it - which has taken far more hours on a computer than originally thought. Fast forward a wee bit though and W…

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