Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sheep Time Well Spent

To sit and be with sheep a few extra moments is always time well spent in a day.
These two ewes are curious about me sitting low in the grass, waiting to take their photo.

They catch my attention because of their contrasting black and white faces grazing side by side.

Both of them watch me with curiosity as they graze closer and closer.

The white faced girl lifts her nose to scent me just like I see the dogs do.

They are unhurried and unworried, completely unaware of photography or their own beauty.

Friday, August 29, 2014


The sheep and the livestock guardians grow so comfortable with each other. Lily is curious this evening and investigates the activity around the mineral tub. 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back At It

Back at it, but in my mind there is a good deal of compare and contrast going on between the sheep and dog world I am familiar with, and the world of people I found myself in this weekend.

I think it is the combination of a three day, large family gathering plus having company here at the farm for an extended period. My view is shifted and/or expanded; in some cases it is realigned, in other cases there is confirmation that it holds true.  I love it when life does that.

While I have missed writing blog posts this past week, there has been ample conversation with our guest, Lena, about this place and the values and belief’s that help make it run as it does. Values and beliefs that to a degree, are handed down by the family we gathered with on the weekend, even though in physicality, the lives we live are vastly different. Thank God for family. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bustling Times

All but 400 feet of the first half mile stretch of fence is laid out, ready to be tightened and stapled. One small milestone. I have the good fortune of some help this week while Lena, a visitor from Germany, is here to experience life on a farm. I’m not sure fencing is what she had in mind, but fencing is very much a part of life on a livestock farm.

Years ago, Lena's father came from Germany to work as a hired hand on my Dad's farm and they have stayed in contact since, visiting when able.

Lena and I, with the help of a couple of kelpies, also brought the ewes homes, sorted some animals, treated some sore feet and a few cases of worms. We tackled some Electranetting yesterday and in between the regular farm work Lena heads out to see the horses and I work my stock dogs. And each morning and evening we are out to see the flock and visit the guardian dogs. This weekend though, we're taking a break from farm life to join in some family celebrations at Mom and Dad's place. After some tough work fencing, we will both enjoy the party atmosphere and perhaps a cold drink or two.

Having company sheds a new light and fresh perspectives on the place and what we are doing here. Each time I explain what is happening or why, I am reminded of how much there is to share and how remarkable it is that others are interested in learning about it.

Watching sheep

Feeding the guardians